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Fowler’s Syndrome and Anxiety

Dr Caroline Selai, psychologist at UCLH, speaks with Elle Adams, FSUK’s ambassador, about Fowler’s syndrome and anxiety.
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Who are Dr Selai and Elle Adams?

FSUK’s brilliant ambassador @TheElleNextDoor speaks with FSUK medical board expert Dr. Caroline Selai about Fowler’s Syndrome and Anxiety. Dr. Selai, BA, MSc, PhD, DipPsych, CPsychol, is a senior lecturer in Clinical Neuroscience at UCL Institute of Neurology. She is a chartered psychologist, a trainer mediator and a leading expert on Fowler’s Syndrome and mental health. Elle Adams is a content creator who was diagnosed with Fowler’s Syndrome in 2021. This video is the beginning of a series on how Fowler’s Syndrome can impact your mental health. If you have any questions or queries please contact FSUK on