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FSUK is proud to present a series of webinars on Fowler’s syndrome (FS), created by our incredible board of experts. These webinars are helpful if you are a patient recently diagnosed with FS or a healthcare professional.

The first two webinars in the series are below. Sign up to our mailing list to know when the next ones are released.

Intro to Fowler’s  09:02

Fowler’s syndrome and urinary retention in women 18:49

Our webinar series

The first three webinars will give an understanding of
(i) the main symptoms
(ii) tests and reaching a diagnosis
(iii) the main treatment options.

Webinar 3 will be coming soon.

Later webinars will focus on some of the frequent co-morbidities and how to manage these, the relationship (therapeutical alliance) between the health care professional and person with FS, experiences and ‘Top Tips’ from patients who are living with FS.

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