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Survey: Fowler’s syndrome and the urology community

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This survey of members of BAUS has been prepared by researchers at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology in collaboration with Fowler’s Syndrome UK (FSUK). The purpose is to understand the current awareness of Fowler’s Syndrome amongst members of the (UK) urology community and to identify any existing needs relating to diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with chronic idiopathic urinary retention due to Fowler’s syndrome.

All responses will be stored anonymously and kept strictly confidential.
A summary of the research findings will be circulated within the urology and uro-neurology academic and clinical communities. The survey results will be presented at academic conferences.

Thank you so much for taking part.

Survey contacts

Academic supervisors: Dr. Caroline Selai & Professor Jalesh Panicker
In partnership with Fowler’s Syndrome UK (FSUK)

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